War on Jails: Enlighten


Defendant, in the landmark case

BATSON vs. KENTUCKY 476 U.S. 79 (1986)

"... James Batson is the right voice at the right time. A powerful read for kids & parents"

-- Michael Hinckley, Owner and Operator of Community Court Services, California.

About The Book


"War on Jails" is an instructive and cautionary tale directed to the youth, their parents, and anyone who loves them. James shares the insight and wisdom he gained from his amazing evolution from troubled youth and inmate into the hard working, contemplative, author and poet he has become.  James is a man who has truly embraced the weight and responsibility of having his name being synonymous with racial justice in EVERY criminal trial court in America. 

He focuses his message in a direct, insightful, and impactful way to get the youth to listen and hear him.  In the words of James Batson, "the language should be easily understood and applied." This book really succeeds in achieving this lofty goal.


James's historic journey was recently featured on the top podcast Radiolab (Click the following link to listen):


Also check out James's detailed Wikipedia Page (Click on the following link to view):

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"War on Jails: Enlighten" has gained praise all across the country: 

  • LOCALLY, early supporters include Joe Gutmann, the prosecutor in James's 1982 trial. Joe left the prosecutors office and is now a popular teacher at Louisville Central High School who provides copies for his students.

  • ACROSS THE COUNTRY, The book has become mandatory reading for all juveniles attending the Community Courts in Contra Costa County in California. 

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War on Jails: Enlighten

A book which makes a real difference.